A New Partnership Between The Libyan Women's Platform for Peace and Zaitouna University

Tunis, December 7, 2017

The President of Zaituna University (The Oldest Islamic University), Dr. Hisham Garisa and his deputy Dr. Munir Altily, the former Minister of Religious Affairs along with Dr. Munjya AlSuwayhi, Professor of Quranic Studies & women's rights activitst, recieved Libyan Women's Platform for Peace (LWPP) co-founder & CEO, Zahra' Langhi, at Zaituna University to discuss ways in which to collaborate to foster wasati Islam in Libya.

Aware of the important role of wasati Islam & the Magharebi distinct religious identity in countering the waves of violence and extremism in both Libya and Tunis, both Zaituna University and LWPP agreed to launch a partnership between them and to sign an MOU next month.

The program will be launched during January 2018 with a regional meeting in Tunis on the importance of wasati Islam in preventing violent extremism and creating alternative narratives to the extremist narratives.